etckeeper 1.18.7 released with these changes

  • Added some unit tests. Thanks, Henrik Riomar.
  • etckeeper will work on systems that do not have perl installed. (perl is still used when available as it's faster) Thanks, William Johansson and radhus.
  • Prevent LC_ALL overriding the LC_COLLATE used to sort metadata.
Posted Thu Jun 8 17:27:45 2017

etckeeper 1.18.6 released with these changes

  • Only show errors (no progress indicators) when pushing Git/Mercurial repos to avoid unncessary cron mails. Thanks, Nils Steinger.
  • Fix regex in 20-warn-problem-files.
  • Added support for apk (alpine linux) Thanks, Henrik Riomar.
Posted Sun Jan 29 18:39:38 2017

etckeeper 1.18.5 released with these changes

  • Make etckeeper commit store metadata changes. The pre-commit hook has always (and continues) to do that, but pre-commit is only run when there are changes to tommit. This makes metadata-only changes get committed.
  • Move systemd files to /lib/systemd; /usr/lib/systemd is not used on Debian.
Posted Sun Jul 17 23:35:45 2016