etckeeper 1.18.10 released with these changes

  • Avoid post-install failing when ps is from busybox or another version not supporting procps-specific options.
  • Use ps --no-headers rather than problimatic -h option.
Posted Sun Dec 23 17:07:12 2018

etckeeper 1.18.9 released with these changes

  • When run during a package installation, include in the commit message the command line that caused etckeeper to run. Thanks, Laszlo Gombos
Posted Wed Dec 12 05:05:49 2018

etckeeper 1.18.8 released with these changes

  • Work around git commit's lack of robustness, by providing reasonable default values for GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL etc. This was already done as part of the su/sudo handling, and is now always done.
  • Don't hardcode the master branch when pushing to PUSH_REMOTE. Instead, let git push whatever branches it is configured to push to that remote.
Posted Tue Jun 5 20:04:30 2018