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Joey you just blew my mind.
Posted Mon Mar 18 14:36:14 2019
1.18.9 broken with busybox ps
Posted Wed Dec 12 12:22:33 2018
Composite / multi-step changes
Posted Sun May 6 00:50:50 2018

I get this warning:

etckeeper warning: hardlinked files could cause problems with git: PackageKit/events/post-transaction.d/README PackageKit/events/pre-transaction.d/README

What kind of problems can happen?

In my use case it is no problem if the hardlink gets lost and two individual files are in the repo.

Thomas G├╝ttler Nov 2018

use etckeeper to track changes in /etc.

Up to now the output of git log looks like this:

commit c2364fd9a8465b07a1c31fafeb9ff4e4323770fe Author: Etckeeper running on foo-host <root@foo-host> Date: Fri Aug 10 00:00:08 2018 +0200


commit d7b685f5f1a01b3f80b86202d6c461dac13b40ac Author: Etckeeper running on foo-host <root@foo-host> Date: Wed Aug 8 00:00:07 2018 +0200


commit dd44e35ecdb27edad37763e88334fc659fd22ff1 Author: Etckeeper running on foo-host <root@foo-host> Date: Tue Aug 7 00:00:04 2018 +0200


commit f6b090e82c6d518be21c8b91f3f7999fbe1330db Author: Etckeeper running on foo-host <root@foo-host> Date: Tue Jul 24 00:00:08 2018 +0200



I would like to see which files have changed.

Is there a way to get the list of changed files into the commit message of etckeeper?

In most cases only one to three files change.

If more than three files change, then it is enough to show the number of changed files.