There is a number of patches in the Debian BTS that has been pending since before I took over maintainership of the package. I am wondering what to do with them - a bunch seem relevant and I could bundle them in debian/patches but I am not sure I want to carry such a "fork" of etckeeper forever, so I would prefer to approve them here first.

On the other hand, I do not want to flood you with 8 feature requests you have already seen. So I figured I would open a single todo item to quickly allow you to review the patch set:

  • 519420 etckeeper: Add option to force commit after apt run.

    Hack to force an empty commit to keep track of package changes.

    Last change: Apr 2009. Marked "wontfix" in 2014.

  • 549354 etckeeper: don't warn about ignored files

    git-specific patch available, not sure how it behaves with other VCSes. seems to have at least another user (fmarier)

    Last change: Oct 2010.

  • 576915 30store-metadata: use GNUisms to achieve 1s runtime.

    concerns about portability to solaris, is this still an issue?

    Last change: Apr 2010.

  • 592158 etckeeper: Example for tracking installed packages

    sample post-install hook to keep track of installed packages in /etc. similar to #519420 - close?

    Last change: Aug 2010

  • 612029 etckeeper: Example hook for generating GPG-encrypted bundle

    after every commit

    another sample post-install hook to secretely ship a git bundle to a backup server

    Last change: Feb 2011

  • 613278 etckeeper: writing a commit message for the autocommit that

    happens after apt

    patch for git, with possible patch for bzr as well, requiring proposed upstream change for bzr, not merged.

    last change: Sep 2013

  • 698062 logout hook

    yet another sample hook, by yours truly, add a new "logout" subcommand that can be added to bash_logout scripts.

    last change: Jan 2013

  • 777612 etckeeper should read XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/config

    look in standard locations for the git config, seems sound

    last change: Feb 2015

So to simplify, there are those groups of proposed changes:

  • sample hooks (592158, 612029, 698062)
  • bugfixes (549354, 777612)
  • features and improvements (519420, 576915, 613278)

So any opinion about what to do with those? Should I submit them as separate issues? Or should I ask the original reporters to do that here? Or should I just close those issues?

Thanks! -- ?anarcat