etckeeper 1.18.16 released with these changes

  • Improve sorting stability.
  • Prefer mktemp over tempfile as the latter displays a deprecation warning since debianutils 4.10. Thanks, Luke Mlsna.
Posted Sat Jan 2 15:34:18 2021

etckeeper 1.18.15 released with these changes

  • Use "command -v" rather than "which" to detect installed programs, as it is more portable. Thanks, Eli Schwartz.
  • Improve commit messages generated by package manager changes, listing packages that are responsible for the changed config files. Thanks to emkael for the patch.
  • If is not configured, override the default to make it gc ten times more frequently, to avoid wasting space with loose objects.
  • update-ignore: Preserve permissions from any preexisting VCS ignore file. Thanks, Austin Chu.
  • Removed the debian directory from the upstream source package as it's not being maintained; see the debian package for an up-to-date one.
  • debian/changelog moved to CHANGELOG and debian/copyright to COPYRIGHT.
Posted Mon Nov 23 16:32:51 2020

etckeeper 1.18.14 released with these changes

  • pacman 5.2 deprecated File hooks, use Path. Thanks, Christian Hesse
  • Fix vcs subcommand setup for zsh completion. Thanks, James Rowe.
Posted Wed Jan 22 14:05:19 2020