I've installed etckeeper & git on a new machine running arch. I've got sudo and git setup for my regular user. When I sudo etckeeper commit "Initial commit" git gives me the usual message about empty ident name for root@host. Documentation suggests that sudo will grab the ident of sudo user but that doesn't seem to be working. I'm running etckeeper 1.18.12-1. What am I missing?

One possible solution to your issue would be to edit /etc/etckeeper/etckeeper.conf and change the VCS variable value to include the location of your gitconfig file. Assuming yours is in the default location of ~/.gitconfig that would mean changing it from VCS="git" to VCS="git -f /home/<yourusername>/.gitconfig" (be sure to use the canonical path to the file rather than relying on the ~ alias for your home directory because in this instance ~ points to /root).


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